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Group- Oana Bogdan, Max Rohm, Max Zolkwer



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Propuesta Oana Bogdan, Max Rohm, Max Zolkwer

Great Buenos Aires, Open City

The general theme of the SUBA-FAUP 2010 Link-Unlink Workshop presents a city without geographical landmarks, politically and physically divided in two parts, The Federal Capital and The Province, the former with a constant population, the latter with a constantly growing population. Transport infrastructure, security, public education and politics have been disrupted along the border between the two parts (General Paz Avenue, once a great lineal park), while the hydrology of the whole area has been altered under the pressure of urban development.
Our team will address all these issues through an overall proposal generated by several strategic projects.
The political division of Buenos Aires makes the coordination of policies impossible, which prevents us from seeing the city as a whole and from thinking about the issues that aect the city. Therefore our hypothesis is that of an ideal political condition which requires the unification of the city and thus the necessity of new urban scale projects. Our aim is to generate ideas that achieve this unity through intensification rather than erasure.

Oana Bogdan . Max Rohm . Max Zolkwer

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